3 Things to Expect at the First Home Game of the 2016 season

With the conclusion of Week 1 of the ABL, the Slingers have moved into the middle of the table with a 1-1 record after a 86-74 win over Saigon Heat.

Next, their play Mono Vampires, a new team in the ABL who had just lost two very close games, 78-79 to Pacquiao Powervit Pilipinas Aguilas and 74-80 to Hi-Tech Bangkok City.


While both the ABL and the Slingers have been relatively quiet this season, things are expected to heat up really soon.

There are at least 3 things we can expect to see at the Slingers’ first home game of the 2016 season.

  1. Hungry Vampires

The Slingers will have the comfort of home support, unlike in their previous two games, their opponent on 8 November would be hungry to clinch their first-ever victory in the ABL.

Mono Vampires boasts of two quality imports in the 7-foot ex-Harlem Globetrotter Anthony McClain and the Dennis Rodman-Amare Stoudemire lookalike high-flyer Quincy Okolie.


Anthony McClain is a giant who will clog the paint with his sheer size, making it difficult for anyone to score from inside.


Add to that Nigerian-American Quincy Okolie, an athletic 6’8 forward who jumps out of the gym and strives on high-flying dunks and block shots.

We can expect the paint to be a highly contested area indeed.

2. The Return of Wu Qingde and Ng Han Bin

Well, if there’s any comfort from the first loss that Slingers fans would get, it it is from missing their two local veterans – Wu Qingde and Ng Han Bin.

We could expect them to show up on the first home game of the season.


Qingde would give the Slingers some hustle plays and defense, while Han Bin would stretch the floor and contribute in the rebounding categories.

Adding them to Desmond Oh and Wong Wei Long, the Slingers contingent does have a slight advantage over their Thai counterparts.

How much of a difference would they make? Will have to see on Sunday.

3. Mister Delvin Goh

We know he is on the team, but what sort of expectation is that?

Well, we can expected to see Delvin Goh as Wonderkid no more. But Delvin Goh, the 3rd leading rebounding in the 2015 FIBA Asia Championship.

Mr D-D-D-Deeeeelvvvvvvinnnn G-G-Gooooohhh!

Delvin Goh

We’ll see Delvin Goh, the starter (judging from the previous two games) who will play big minutes and a key role on the squad.

How will he fare against the Vampires? We will soon find out.

Catch Singapore Slingers vs Mono Vampires on 8 November 2015.

-Photo Credits: Mono Vampires, Quincy Okolie, Kims Production, Kut Thew, Jason Ng

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AMK Bravehearts


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