Slingers welcome the X: Exclusive Interview with Xavier Alexander

The Slingers will tip-off the 2016 ABL season against their playoff rivals, HiTech Bangkok City tomorrow, 8pm Singapore time.

With a re-tooled roster of 6 new faces, the spotlight is on Slingers newest international import, Xavier Alexander.

The 27 year-old Xavier Alexander hails out of the OKC Blues of the NBA D-League, where he played 2 separate seasons for.


At 6’5, Xavier Alexander is measured by the Slingers to weigh 275lbs (125kg).

This raises the question of Xavier’s true position in the ABL. Last year, the Slingers had Dior Lowhorn who was 6’5 and played the power forward spot. Would Xavier comfortably into fit the same role?

The mystery though will be unveiled tomorrow as the Slingers will attempt to upset the defending champions of the league on their turf.

We had an opportunity to catch up with Xavier Alexander and here’s what he has to say:

SN: Xavier, congratulations on your signing with the Slingers and welcome to Singapore. Tell us a little bit more about yourself.

X: In 2011, I was selected in the 8th round of the NBA D-league draft to the Tulsa 66ers. In 2012-2013, I played for Siarka Tarnobrzeg in Poland. For the last two seasons I have been apart of the OKC Thunder organization as a member of the Tulsa 66ers which eventually became the OKC Blue. I just recently finished my last season playing for the OKC Blue of the NBA D-league. My agent told me that he had quite a few teams interested, particularly one in Singapore. I waited for the call to come, and the rest is history. Excited to join the Slingers.

SN: Great! I’m pretty sure fans are looking forward to see you play. What monikers would you like them to call you? Do you have any nicknames given to you?

X: People call me X-Factor, X-Man or X.

SN: Ok, X! That would sound perfect. What could fans expect from you this season?

X: I look to bring to the team a consistent winning attitude, a versatile skill set, and relentless competitive approach to both practice and games. At some point in my life, I’ve played positions 1-5. I believe my ability to play multiple positions, score from all three levels, and defend the other teams’ best player will quickly endear me to Slinger Nation.

SN: Ok. Now for some shorter questions. Do you have a favourite basketball moment?

X: Yes, I do. It’s winning a high school state championship in 2007. Something about leaving a legacy at my high school that is already strongly tied to my family name was very important to me. My banner will always be there, I kept the Alexander legacy alive.

SN: And, which is your NBA team?

X: My hometown team, the OKC Thunder.

SN: Now that you are in Singapore, what do you look forward to do here in the city?

X: The PR guy on the team talks about it all the time. He says I will enjoy the culture change and the food. I guess his grandfather visits there all the time and gave me some insight. I am looking forward to winning games primarily. Everything else is secondary.

SN: Thank you, X. I wish you all the best for the first game of the season.

Xavier Alexander

-Photo Credit Jason Ng.


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