Singapore Slingers 2015-16 Schedule Breakdown

2015-16 Singapore Slingers Schedule

The Singapore Slingers released their 2015-16 Season Schedule on Thursday.

There will be a total of 20 games and will 10 at home. Each team will play each other team 4 times – twice on each other’s turf.

The Slingers will kick off their 2015-16 campaign on the road on 27 October when they take on the defending champions, Hi-Tech Bangkok City, the team that they dropped the semi-final series to for the previous season.

Then, the Slingers will fly to Saigon on 31 October to take on the newly revamped Saigon Heat, helmed by Anthony Garbelotto.

The first home game of the season at the OCBC Arena on 8 November sees the Slingers taking on another Thai basketball league powerhouse team Mono Vampires, debuting in the ABL.

The highly anticipated game to watch will be on 13 November when the Slingers face their traditional causeway rivals on home turf. The Westports Malaysian Dragons have always tooled their roster with multiple American and Fil-Am imports and are always tough fight for the Slingers. Who will come out top from this clash?

Late November and December will be quiet for the Slingers at home as they take a gruelling 6-game road trip around Southeast Asia to take on different teams.

Then on 10 January, Singapore fans will have a taste of Pacquiao-fever albeit in a different ring, as the Philippines representative Pacquiao Powervit Pilipinas Aguilas will be in town. Who knows if we might see the legendary Manny Pacquiao in person, or even better, on the court?

Be sure to book the tickets for 18 November early as a sell-out would certainly be expected on this date!

If you missed this game, 24 January may be the only other next time the Pacquiao team will come to town for their second clash with the Slingers.

Manny the baller

Manny the baller

The regular season will conclude on 21 February 2016.

Mark your calendars!

Are you ready? -Credits Slingers Nation

Are you ready?
-Credits Slingers Nation


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