Delvin Goh named 3rd best rebounder of 2016 FIBA Asia Championship

Top Rebounder of FIBA Asia

It was just last year, in 2014, when Singapore arrived on the Asia stage and the continent started to notice Wong Wei Long who exploded out of the nowhere to lead the entire competition momentarily with 21.7 points per game. 

This year, in 2015, it was 20-year old Delvin Goh’s turn to impress the rest of Asia.

From amongst 16 teams, Singapore’s very own Delvin Goh, previously known by the moniker of “Wonderkid”, emerged out of the shadows to become the FIBA Asia’s 3rd best rebounder, putting the Little Red Dot on the basketball world map.

With an average of 10.4 rebound per game, the 6’8 Delvin statistically out-rebounded Philippines’ Ex-NBA Centre Andray Blatche and host nation China’s Ex-NBA Forward Yi Jianlian.

Delvin Goh vs Yi Jianlian

Delvin Goh vs Yi Jianlian

On top of that, the 20-year old Delvin emerged as the best player efficiency-wise on the Singapore National Team with 8.2 points, 10.4 rebounds, 1.4 assists, 1.0 blocks and 1.2 steals.

One could say Delvin’s strengths are on defense and protecting the paint. But in Russell Low’s absence, Delvin was left as the only big left on the Singapore National Team, which probably gave the young kid the most important role on the squad.

Delvin certainly did not shun away from that role. He was able to shed his non-offensive image on the court, especially in his 20 point outburst against Malaysia, and finished the tournament as a proven big man on the Asia stage!

After the tournament, he commented: “It’s been an honour to have the chance to play with top Asia teams and players in this FIBA Asia Championship , we know it’s tough but we hang on . We didn’t give up at any second . Thank you my teammates & coaches ! And of course a picture to remember , taking on Yi Jianlian, the MVP of this championship”

This achievement was certainly one to remember.

Well done, Delvin Goh!

Greater things to come…


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