Exclusive Interview with Kevin Van Hook, former Thailand Basketball League (TBL) MVP

It is not every day that you get to watch a former Thailand Basketball League (TBL) MVP live in action here in Singapore. But last weekend was a pleasant exception.

Kevin Van Hook - the face of Khon Kaen Raptors in the TBL

Kevin Van Hook – the face of Khon Kaen Raptors in the TBL

Kevin Van Hook, a big name in Thailand basketball, was in town over the weekend and made a guest appearance in the Pro-Am Singapore Basketball League (SBL). He suited up for Proform SN Eaglez as the Pro-Am team took on Zeagues Chargers in an intense and competitive season encounter.

Besides getting the unique opportunity to watch Kevin in basketball action, we managed to catch up with him on what he thinks about Singapore and the Pro-Am Singapore Basketball League.


SN: Welcome to Singapore, Kevin! You were in town over the weekend and suited up for a game with the Eaglez. Could you tell us how you got to be in an Eaglez uniform?

KVH: Yes, I was contacted by one of the Eaglez team managers who heard of me as a professional import player throughout Asia and reached out to me when he found out that I was currently in between pro contracts and available. They were able to collaborate to get me out there.


SN: Well us a little bit about yourself as a basketball player.

KVH: I’m an American import player with Korean and Filipino decent that grew up in Silverdale WA, a city about an hour outside of Seattle. I played Division 2 College basketball in the States and was recruited to play professionally overseas coming out of college. God has blessed me to be able to play the game I love for a living and have been fortunate to have played pro ball in over 12 countries internationally and counting.

I am versatile point guard that can really shoot the ball, score, and get others involved with a great feel and basketball IQ. I am also a very good ball handler who can penetrate kick and finish plays. I like to push the ball in transition but can also set things up in the half court. I’m a very competitive and hardworking player who plays both ends of the floor and lives for the big shot or moment.


SN: How was your experience like playing in the Pro-Am SBL and with the team?

KVH: I had a pretty good experience playing in the SBL with the team and appreciated all the hospitality I received. A lot of the guys made me feel welcomed and I was well looked after by the manager and staff. I think the league is still growing but has potential in becoming a very formidable league with all the resources Singapore has to offer. We played tough in our game through 3 quarters but ended up losing it late in the game when our opponents made a run that we couldn’t bounce back from.

marina bay

SN: Now tell us a little bit about your experience as a tourist to Singapore, Lonely Planet’s No 1 country for travel in 2015. What were some of your favourite experiences so far?

KVH: I really enjoyed my time in Singapore. It was very clean and efficient country which reminded me a little like Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, with a bit of a western feel. Some of my favorite experiences were hanging out in Marina Bay and at the top of Marina Bay Sands, taking in the awesome views of the city. I like to try and experience some of the culture in every country I play in.

SN: Will we get to see you in Singapore, again?

KVH: Well I am currently looking at some up coming professional contracts and options but if the right opportunity & situation came along I could see myself coming back to Singapore for sure.

Watch some of Kevin Van Hook’s highlights from the 2nd to 4th quarter of the game:

More Pictures of Kevin Van Hook in the game: 35 12 9 29 -Photographs by Kims Ang, Phua Jin Tat and Kuk Thew


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