“I am trying to learn any languages I come across”: Interview with Laurence Donelson, import of Zeagues Chargers

Laurence Donelson #15 of Zeagues Chargers

Laurence Donelson #15 of Zeagues Chargers

SN: Hi Laurence, first of all, welcome to Singapore! How have you been settling in and what are your impressions about the country?

LD: I have settled into to Singapore easy I would say. I feel very welcomed only knowing English well. It seems many know it here too, as well as many different languages and dialects are present. Singapore is very diverse – a mix of everything. I am trying to learn any languages I come across that I haven’t encountered; the basics, or what you may need to say in a conversation, but I know languages are a task to learn.

The laws are strict but it pays off with less right than wrong here. I respect it. Well back in my home country less strict laws more problems. The people are very down to earth and Singapore is a welcoming place.

From the consistent humid weather to the mixture of food as well as good food and shopping there are so many malls big ones at that nothing but thumbs up from me.

The nightlife as well has surprised me a lot of people having a good time thanks to my teammates as well as brothers for the experience.

Transportation is a piece of cake. The taxi, bus and MRT – I think I have them down by now.

Most of my time is spent with Basketball. That’s my passion as well as my love. Film, drills, training, and working out. My homes in Singapore I would say are outdoor or indoors basketball courts, workout gym, apartment, MRT, and bus.

I haven’t seen all of Singapore yet. I was recommended to check out Zoo, Night Safari, Universal Studios, the Merlion and the beaches. I can’t forget the movie theatres. I love films in my spare time and self time. I haven’t caught a film yet and I here they have them in English. I will catch some films for sure here.

SN: Coming in to play for Zeagues Chargers, what are some of your personal and team goals for the upcoming season?

LD: The team’s goal to finish top 4 in League. We want to be placed first. We want to win the championship. We want to compete every game. We want to be a top defensive team. We want to be a top free throw team. We want to be a top rebounding team offensively and defensively. We want to be a top 3-pointers made team. We want to be a top assist team. We want to be a top offensive team.

My personal goals are to make everyone on my team better on and off the basketball court. I want to have my first championship and 1st placed finish. My professional career came up a little short in Italy last season. I want to learn the Singapore style of basketball as much as possible as well as the Asia style of ball. I want to have my best season yet bottom line personally and team0wise and I want the same for all my teammates! I want my teammates to make me better on and off the court too!

SN: What are some of your thoughts after the 82-68 loss against the Falcons on Sunday?

LD: We are a young talented team, but very inexperienced. The game was a bad one for us in all categories except rebounding. The little things hurt us on top of our bad play. The Falcons were more ready for game. Their experience from the coaching side to a full roster got them a win.I  have a feeling will meet up again. In closing comments, we beat ourselves in the 1st week of Pro-Am SBL. We will be better Week 3 after our BYE week.

Thanks for having me in Singapore! Go Zeagues! Come experience the Pro-Am SBL 2014-2015 season!

-Photo Credit Voxsports-


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