Is Wu Qingde the best offensive rebounding non-big in the ABL?

One of keys to a team victory is the team’s ability to get the second chance points. And the only way for a team to do so is offensive rebounding.

While many fans would go crazy over players who can contribute insane numbers in the points, rebounds, assists or even blocks and steals category, not many appreciate the fact that the game of basketball is actually won on the intangibles. It is the intangibles that often differentiate the winners and the losers of a close game. It is the intangibles that give the winning team that one extra possession, or that extra point, for that matter.

It is no secret that the Slingers have one of the best players that excel in the intangibles category. That would be – the D-Glove, Desmond Oh – who is capable of single-handedly forcing turnovers on his opponents to change the pace of the game. Throughout the season, as seen from the previous Slingers game against the Saigon Heat, Desmond Oh has been the chief irritant and main culprit of stealing a few possessions away from the opposing team and eventually churning out a Slingers victory.

But today, we like to spotlight another player on the Slingers squad with a unique craft that has been instrumental to helping the Slingers slog out a few close wins!

He is none other than #7 Wu Qingde.

Qingde cleans up the glass for the outback against the Slammers -Photo Credit Jason Ng.

Qingde cleans up the glass for the putback against the Slammers -Photo Credit to Jason Ng.

Call him all sorts of nicknames you like – Mr Hustle, The Clean-up man, Singapore’s Dennis Rodman…whatever. Well there is one thing not many would realise from a bench guy averaging 2.83 points and 2 rebounds in just 9.92 minutes, until one takes a careful look at the seldom-examined statistics.

And that one thing, when realised, is nothing short of astonishing!

While ABL doesn’t keep stats as detailed as the FIBA or the NBA does, putting together a per40 minutes offensive rebounding statistics (*only current players who played at least 3 games with their team) brought about a startling revelation.

ABL Offensive Rebounding Per40minutes League Leaders

If you put together the per 40 minutes offensive rebounding stats for the league and examine the league leaders, there would probably be no surprise to see Chris Charles (7.09), Justin Williams (6.08) and Steven Thomas (5.37) on top.

But what is interesting is that, without Kyle Jeffers, Slingers rookie and local player Russel Low is the 5th best overall offensive rebounder per 40minutes of play!

But what if you take out the bigs and compare the offensive rebounding of just the guards and forwards of the league. Here’s what you get:

Offensive Rebounding Per40min Non-Bigs

Chris Eversley of the Dragons is the best offensive rebounding non-big in the ABL.

And then, surprise surprise, the 6’2 Forward-Guard coming off the Slingers bench Wu Qingde is at Number 2!

In just under 10 minutes of play, Qingde has managed to grab an averaged 1.02 offensive rebounds per game. In per40minutes stats, that equates to 4.35 and is enough to top the offensive rebounding average of Moala Tautuaa (whom I hesitated to call a non-Big, because he plays both an inside and outside game), Tremanye Johnson and Falando Jones.

Well, stats don’t lie!

Quietly sitting on the Slingers bench is one of the best offensive rebounding non-bigs in the ABL, and he is a local!

His name is Wu Qingde, and his best skill is scrapping.

And so, we call him Scrappy Q!


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