Did Dior Lowhorn hit the greatest shot in Slingers’ history?

As a team that prefers simple efficient plays over flashy basketball, the Singapore Slingers hasn’t had many plays make the ABL highlight reel.

However, this one play by Dior Lowhorn would definitely go down in the books. It was simply too good to be omitted from the highlight reel of any league.

Screen Shot 2014-09-02 at 12.41.24 PM

This will forever be known to Slingerfans as “The Shot”!

And as Slingerfans, we can’t help but watch it again and again and again and again…

After two consecutive misses by Wong Wei Long, it was Dior Lowhorn that saved the day by rebounding Wei Long’s second miss, intentionally dribbling it out to the three-point line, and forcing up a turnaround desperation trey in the face of Wuttipong Dasom. And it SPLASHED!!!!

The OCBC Arena crowd went into an absolutely frenzy, and couldn’t believe what they just saw!

Did we all just witness Dior Lowhorn hit the greatest shot in Slingers’ history?

The Slingers were down by 7 with 4 minutes remaining, down by 5 with 2 minutes remaining, and down by 4 with 30 seconds remaining. And the Slingers managed to send the game into overtime with Lowhorn’s heroics and eventually went on to hand the undefeated Hi-Tech Bangkok City their first loss of the season – all with just one international import on the floor.

Lowhorn went on to finish the game with an ABL season-high 35 points, stepping in Kyle Jeffers’ absence and making a statement to the rest of the league that he has just arrived.

A passionate Lowhorn commented: “Got that Chip on my shoulder for all the teams who passed on me.”

Well, that’s just too bad for all those teams. Dior Lowhorn is now a Slinger!

Watch Lowhorn’s unbelievable shot again and again and again and again here:

Now the Slingers have beaten every team in the ABL league this season, and it can only get better.

I can’t help but borrow what Ginebra fans have been using:

Slingerfans, it is ERUPTION TIME!!!


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