Exclusive Interview with our newest world import Dior Lowhorn

Slingers fans, the search is finally over!

After 5 games of being short-handed as a team, Hassan Adam’s permanent replacement has finally been found.

On Tuesday 19 August, the Slingers announced that they would be signing ex-Saigon Heat, Dior Lowhorn as their world import, bringing the forward back to the league.

The 6’7 Lowhorn was the ABL’s leading scorer last season with an average of 26.7 points per game before he sustained an injury that kept him out for the season.

Now the ABL’s scoring leader is back and playing on the side of the Slingers.

Ex-Saigon Heat Dior Lowhorn is now a Slinger.

Ex-Saigon Heat Dior Lowhorn is now a Slinger.

Slingers Nation managed to catch up with the man himself whom GM Michael Johnson believes would carry the team deep into the playoffs.

SN: So Dior, could you describe the feeling when you first received the news that the Slingers have decided to sign you as their world import?

DL: I thought…wow…what better club and country could I have asked for to play in the ABL. Singapore is indeed a beautiful, clean, modern country. They have great facilities and there teams always plays hard!

SN: Thanks for the compliments of Singapore, Dior! Well, have you been keeping up with the ABL this season? What are your thoughts and impressions about the Slingers team so far?

DL: I have kept up a little. I know there’s 6 teams and I see Singapore is currently in third, albeit they have played the most games (8). I’m familiar with local players like Desmond Oh and Wong Wei Long. They were a thorn in our side in my playing days last season in Saigon! I feel it’s the Slingers local players with the help of Al Vergara and Kyle Jeffers that makes them potent!

SN: How do you think you would look to contribute to this team both on and off the court?

DL: It will be a unique situation because I am coming almost midway through the season. On the plus side I am in shape and had success in the league prior. I am also coming off a stint in June playing in the Philippines. On the court, I will be a scorer and rebounding demon. Being a versatile force inside and out. I will be vocal in games and practices. I will provide energy. Off the court I will be the laughing type, and overall good person!

SN: That’s amazing! We would need both your experience and skill-set to help the team. Are there any personal and team goals you have coming midway through the season?

DL: No personal goals because I am new and it is midway through the season! Team goals would be getting a 1 seed in playoffs and of course winning abl championship. Getting 10 out of the next 12 regular season games wouldn’t be bad either 😉

SN: You certainly look ready to bring the team forward. So when will we see you wear the Slingers uniform? Will you be playing this Friday?

DL: I think Friday, yes!

SN: That’s great! Thank you for your time. A lot of fans are looking forward to see you play:)

Catch Dior Lowhorn and the Singapore Slingers play against the Indonesia Warriors this Friday 8pm local time at the OCBC Arena!


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