Breaking News: Recently released Ex-Dragon Rashawn McCarthy wants to play for the Slingers

On Wednesday 6 August, the Westports Malaysian Dragons made an import switch replacing Fil-Am import Rashawn McCarthy with another much talked about Fil-Am import Avery Scharer.

Scharer will now be the new ASEAN import alongside Moala Tautuaa for the Dragons, while it was said of Rashawn McCarthy, according to ABL the press release, that he “has decided to take up the challenge to the Philippines Basketball Association (PBA) development league in order to qualify for the next PBA draft.”

As Malaysia’s basketball scene went about speculating the real reason behind Rashawn McCarthy’s release, questioning if the Dragons had released Rashawn because he under-performed, on our side of the causeway, we received some interesting news from the slick ball-handling guard himself.

Before the official press release, the 6’1 175 lbs Fil-Am guard dropped an unexpected message into Slingers Nation’s inbox the night before.

Rashawn McCarthy: Bring in another Fil-Am guard.

SN: Who?

Rashawn McCarthy: Me

SN: Aren’t you with the Dragons?

Rashawn McCarthy: Things didn’t work out and they are gonna use another Fil-Am guard (Scharer), so I’m now a free agent. Even though you guys held me to 0 points i know i have much more to offer.

McCarthy might just find himself in a new ABL team uniform really soon.

McCarthy could just find himself wearing a new ABL team uniform really soon. -Photo Credit: KL Dragons

This. Is. Crazy. News!

Rashawn McCarthy WANTS to play for the Slingers!

When asked about his PBA D-League plans, he replied:

Well, if I could get on a team now that would be great. Other wise I’ll just prepare for PBA D-league. If I can sign with an ABL team, I will go to the D-league after ABL season.

ABL World, listen to this: The services of Rashawn McCarthy are now up for grabs.

Although the Slingers roster space is filled, the mere thought of having Rashawn McCarthy as a 3rd heritage import on the Slingers squad, even to stand in for any of our injured players, is certainly as cool as having Jeremy Lin signed with the Lakers.

High-energy, explosive ball-handling (and dunking!) guard that can penetrate into the paint. Definitely an good pick-up for any team.

I wish Rashawn McCarthy the best of luck!

Check out the mixtape of Rashawn McCarthy here:

Here’s one from his stint as a Dragon:


One thought on “Breaking News: Recently released Ex-Dragon Rashawn McCarthy wants to play for the Slingers

  1. Sammy says:

    Question: Why don’t you post the screenshot of the actual conversation on this blog post? 🙂 It makes it more legit.

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