Is Hassan Adams the best Slingers import yet?

As the Slingers continue to fill up their roster space gearing up for the 2014 ABL season, the spotlight falls on 6’4 guard Hassan Adams, who has recently flown in to join the team.

His first public appearance as a Slinger – the opening of the Singapore Sports Hub and the OCBC Arena where the Slingers will call their new home.

sports hub

Just has the home ground of the Slingers have been downsized, the Slingers have decided to downsize their second import to someone standing at just 6’4, the height of Slingers forward and “Meeting the Giant” star, “Gao Ming” or rather Ng Han Bin.

At 6’4, Adams is the shortest international import the Slingers have signed in the ABL-era, and the second shortest since the Slingers became a professional team (the shortest being Mike Helms, standing at only 6’1).

But downsizing isn’t always the same as downgrading.

In fact, if one has been a long-time Slingers fan, Hassan Adams is by far the import with the best portfolio that the team has ever signed. While Adams is not the first Slinger to possess an NBA pedigree – players like Eric Sandrin, Rod Grizzard, Rashad Jones-Jennings had their stints with the NBA – but not one of them has ever played a full NBA Season like Adams did.

After being drafted 54th overall in the 2006 NBA Draft, Adams proceeded to play a full rookie season with the New Jersey Nets, featuring players like Jason Kidd, Vince Carter and Richard Jefferson. He averaged 2.9 points and 1.3 rebounds in 8 minutes of NBA game time.


Tracing his player history a little further, Hassan Adams was a former Arizona Wildcat and teammate of Andre Iguodala of the Golden State Warriors. Back then, Adams and Iguodala formed a dynamic backcourt tandem who could run well in transition and pull off flashy dunks.

adams dunk

Here’s a little throwback video of Adams participating in the 2002 Slam Jam (And boy, he could really dunk!):

While we can’t sure that Adams still has the same hops as he had back in high school, there is no doubt that Adams would be an exciting player to watch and root for in the 2014 ABL Season.

The signing of Adams also signals the end of the “Big Man” brand of basketball played by the Slingers last season.

Gone are the days of having a 7’3 Singleton and 6’7 Jones-Jennings clog up the paint only to have quicker guards exploit us on the break and on pick-and-rolls.

Quick-feet and fundamentally sound rookie, Russel Low, would likely move straight into the starting line-up to play the 4 while the Slingers would likely move in the direction of playing “small ball”, with Adams at the 3 leading the way.

That would mean a lot of spreading the floor, a lot of threes, and a lot of Adroit-style running and gunning! For fans, that would just mean a lot of exciting basketball!

Just wanna give a shout-out to welcome Hassan Adams to our team! To the best season yet!

What are your thoughts on Adams signing with the Slingers? Has the Slingers just gotten their best import yet Share it with us in the comments section below.


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