“Communication is key”: A view from a Slingers’ fan

I have been a loyal fan of the Singapore Slingers since 2006 where they competed in the Australia NBL with the strong players like Mike Helms and Ben Knight all the way till 2009 where they introduced the ASEAN Basketball League. Year after year, I would say that 2012 and 2013 were the years that our local players committed more minutes on the court. However, based on what I saw in the games against San Miguel Beermen and Saigon Heat, here is my own opinion of these two games.

In the game against San Miguel Beermen, while majority of the crowd were actually supporting the opposite team, what I saw was the Slingers did not communicate much on the court in offense and defence. I have to agree that San Miguel Beermen players were on fire that day, even with Brian Williams hitting a 3-point shot from the line.

But I also realised that when especially Rashad Jones-Jennings and Rashaad Singleton once got the ball, the opposite team will have more than one player to defend him to steal the ball or block the shot. It’s always important to keep a look out for your teammates in any situation such as when Rashad Jones-Jennings grabbed the rebounds (the rebounding leader in the league) and opposite team players steal it from the back and Rashaad Singleton (a good dunker) attempting on a 1-on-1 got blocked from the back by another player. All these can be minimised by just simple communication or even shouting from other teammates for them to be aware of those situations.

In the game against Saigon Heat, the Slingers were better in communication. I saw them started to communicate on the court as compared to the previous game. But keep on improving on the communication on the court as I once heard from Brian Goorjian, the previous Head Coach of the Australia Boomers in the TV telling their players that communication is the main factor to keep the ball moving and scoring. That is why he won numerous of championships in the Australia NBL.

Last but not least, I would like to compliment on the 2 players who I think can motivate the team.

The first player would be Phillip Morrison. I am not sure why Saigon Heat cut him from their team, but it was a benefit to our team anyway. Based on the Fox Sports News and the Singapore Slingers News that he said he will do whatever he could to contribute to the team because Slingers gave him this opportunity. In the game against San Miguel Beermen, I saw him really putting his heart and soul into the game. He did his best on controlling the ball, contribute to the points and lastly dive to safe the ball. I believe he is so much better than Don Dulay and hope that he can continue play with the Slingers for the next season.

Philip morrison - The newest kid on the block

Philip morrison – The newest kid on the block

The second player is JJ Cabatu. He has a good basketball background where his father and brother were both professional basketball players. I do not always see him having a lot of minutes on the court but whenever he was call in, he always do his best to motivate the team and contribute to the points on the court which is good. If they could even entertain or motivate everyone in the crowd to cheer for them, I think the chances of winning will be higher.

JJ Cabatu looking to help the team win in anyway.

JJ Cabatu looking to help the team win in anyway.

Therefore, this is my own opinion of the Slingers team and do hope that this team can improve even more and also to convince more people to come and support for our one and only local professional team.

Slingers For The Win!!

By: Brandon

-Photos by Jonson Wenjie-


One thought on ““Communication is key”: A view from a Slingers’ fan

  1. iCeZ says:

    Woah~ Makes me think back to the days of how the Slingers started… watching Knighty, Helms, Shane, etc play. The team has really come a long way and seen many changes. I agree that the team really needs to start “gel-ing” together and read each others movements. There have been a number of changes in the imports of late and the different style of play by each player is not fully sorted out. As mentioned in your previous post, this could be one reason why jennings still plays in the likes of jeffers. Games are not just won by good players but a good team.
    My heart is always with the Slingers.. Go for it!

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