BREAKING: Lowhorn and Jones-Jennings to Trade Teams

Dior Lowhorn, currently contracted with the Saigon Heat, may have played his last game for the Vietnamese side as he continued his stay in Singapore after yesterday’s game. Lowhorn, who averages 28.25 points this season, is reportedly in discussion with the Singapore Slingers for a role in the team. He is expected to join the team for their next game in the Philippines on 9 April 2013.

Expected to vacate the International import slot for Lowhorn is Jones-Jennings. Jones-Jennings, who averages 15.85 rebounds this season, may be heading the other direction if negotiations between parties can be concluded before the Heat’s next game.

We will give you the latest news as it happens.

Edit: We have contacted Jones-Jennings and confirmed that he prefers the rim at the Singapore Indoor Stadium. There is no way he is leaving the Slingers at this moment and would not be spotted at Changi Airport alone. The only time he is there would be when he is travelling for an away game.

The Slingers Nation wishes everyone a Happy April Fools’ Day (and especially to you, Mr “Shad”zilla, 37 points in the game against Saigon Heat, which is no joke.)


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