Jeffers’ replacement arrives on Singapore shore: Donald Rashaad Singleton

Donald Dulay?

Rashad Jones-Jennings?

No, it’s Donald Rashaad Singleton, the Singapore Slingers newest pick-up to replace four-year injured veteran centre, Kyle Jeffers.

Another Donald and another Rashad...

Another Donald and another Rashad…

Mind you, It’s a big upgrade indeed? How big exactly? Slingers add to their height 4 inches, with the ABL’s second 7-footer player now on their team (the first being Chris Charles of the Slammers).

The 7’0 275 pound centre from Florida Southern U last played in Sendai 89ers in the Japanese Basketball League.  Prior to that he was invited to the New York Knicks summer camp in 2009.

Singleton’s biggest upside is his size and length, which translate to solid post-defense and lots of shot-blocking. While Kyle Jeffers is a finesse player with an inside-outside game, Singleton is the biggest body the Slingers has ever signed when competing in the ABL, and he will helm the paint both on defensive and offensive end.

Having a reputation as a defensive team committed to a “share-the-wealth” inside-outside offensive system ala the San Antonio Spurs in the NBA, I think the Slingers have just gotten better!

The dynamics of the Slingers’ team has certainly changed with Singleton’s presence. On the defensive side, the Slingers are likely to give up fewer points in the paint than before and opposing teams can probably say good-bye to easy lay-ups. On the offensive side, Singleton is just an explosive dunker, provided our guys can feed it to him (our guards should really start passing more to our big guys!). Season-ticket holders, it’s good news! With more dunks, we can now look forward to Slingers’ games to be more exciting!

Now the question remains how Rashad Jones-Jennings and Rashaad Singleton can complement each other on the court, both being inside players with good rebounding skills. The Slingers have just solidified their interior, but will the sum be worse than its part?

For that, we’ll leave it up to Neo Beng Siang’s wizardry to figure things out, and I have no doubts he will.

Meanwhile, let’s enjoy the Donald Rashaad Singleton show:


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