Jeffers Fined, Freeman Fined. What about the Refs?

So the ever-so-effective ASEAN Basketball League (ABL) disciplinary committee felt compelled to give Freeman a “not-so-free” time with a 1 match suspension and an undisclosed fine. Desmond Oh was found innocent but Kyle Jeffers was also fined for unsportsmanlike behaviour.Image

Apart from the findings being revealed for the match on Sunday (24th February 2013), the ‘ang pows’ that the ABL are receiving will also include that of Rashad Jennings-Jones and Micahel Burtscher of SMB.

Noticed that the fines were all for Slingers and Beermen players. It is like the ABL say: Since I have fine the 2 of you, might as well make some more cash by fining another 2 for ‘online’ comments.

Now, RJJ commented about match officials. We have also been commenting about the referees in the ABL. Instead of improving the match officials, the ABL decide to fine people who talks about them.

So are they going to fine that referee (see picture) who did not wear an appropriate attire while umpiring the game on Sunday, only changing into his new jersey at the start of the 2nd Quarter? Why did they allow the game to continue on when there were technically only 2 referees? The referee’s jersey was without an ABL logo, no accreditation  It appears to be a normal grey jersey that can be bought off the shelf in any sport shop in Singapore.

Also, the mis-handling of the Freeman-Oh affair was poorly dealt with by the referees of the day. Will there be any sanctions imposed? I recall in football where referees were suspended for poor performance.

The Odd One Out

The Odd One Out

If players can be suspended, coaches given technical foul, can referees be also penalise for their short-comings that could have a drastic effect to the whole match experience?

-Written by B.B-


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