The “Jones-Jennings” resurgence and the “Wong” factor: Slingers in pink get the win

It was cancer awareness afternoon for the Slingers. It’s the special day the Slingers donned their alternate pink (coolness!) jerseys that would be auctioned out for charity. The last time the Slingers played in pink, it was a really special one when the Slingers beat the then league-leaders, the San Miguel Beermen at home. It was one game for the fans.

This one was no different. Except, it was a different cast and different story.

2 records were broken in this special game:

1) Rashad Jones-Jennings had the best 20-20 game ever recorded by a Slinger.

2) Wong Wei Long became the first ever local player to score at least 20 in an ABL game.

Rashad Jones-Jennings had 24 points and 23 rebounds  in the much needed home win against the Saigon Heat. He went BEAST MODE on the boards right from the start, taking advantage of the small (depleted) Saigon Heat line-up. There was no stopping the king of rebounds as he registered 13 at the half, and 23 at the end of the game.

Jones-Jennings is my man! Why?

Because he let his game do ALL the talking. There was much criticism of his offense earlier on in the season. But what did he do? He just kept quiet and kept working hard and working hard and working hard, and tonight, he led the Slingers in scoring! 20-20!

Stats don’t lie!

DA BEAST of the boards

DA BEAST of the boards

AND…Wong Wei Long, the often under-appreciated but very much respected Slinger two-guard just showed the whole ASEAN region why HE is the real deal in the Slingers team. He broke Singapore Slingers legend, Hong Wei Jian’s record of most points scored by a local player in an ABL game. Hong Wei Jian previously held the record with 18 points against Satria Muda BritAma in the last game of season 1. Wong Wei Long, he broke that record mid-way through the 3rd quarter with his 5th trey of the night. He then went on to score 20 points and helped the Slingers seal the win! No doubt we call him the “LONG-ranger”, or in recent times, the “Singapore Assassin”!

The Singapore Assassin goes to work

The Singapore Assassin goes to work

Other findings
Coach Neo finally found a way to play JunJun Cabatu – that’s in the post! Cabatu was scoreless in the first half until he found where he belonged – in the post. Using his size to punish the smaller Vietnamese-American Larry Trieu, Cabatu recorded 7 points in the win.

Kyle Jeffers was steady and sure as usual recording 16 points and 17 rebounds.

Now onto Don Dulay. Desmond Oh has been off from three-point land recently, shooting a mere 18% from 4 of 22 shooting. I won’t call him a shooter. But Don Dulay? The Slingers’ starting point guard has been “off-er” (if there’s such a word), shooting it worst at 14.8%, 4 for 27 from downtown. Despite the win, this is not promising considering the fact that Slingers do not play with Wong Wei Long on the road. As from the previous game the Slingers scored only 48 points with the “inside-out”strategy where Dulay did not excel from jacking up flats.

I said it once, and I’ll say it again. Don Dulay should better start thinking of passing rather than shooting the ball. Recording less assists (1.5) than guard-forward Mitchell Folkoff (2.2) just isn’t the way to go. Dulay had ZERO assists for the game.

The Slingers certainly had a shaky fourth quarter (scare) once again, but I believe they have garnered sufficient momentum to roll into Tan Binh Stadium with Han Bin and the rest of the guys!

The Slingers got to start to win ON THE ROAD (with or without Wong Wei Long). I recommend the team to sign another ASEAN import to fill the void of the road without Wong Wei Long, or it would be a really really steep climb.

Written by: Wy C.

-Photos by Singapore Slingers-


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