Kyle Jeffers to Replace Donald Little for Remainder of ABL Season

For the first time ever in an ABL season, perhaps influenced by our postings on this blog, the Singapore Slingers’ Management have replaced Donald Little with crowd favourite Kyle Jeffers for the rest of the ABL Season. This is not the first time that Donald Little had been replaced by another import in the ABL season, having been in the same position when he was at Patriots.

At the beginning of the season, a fan had queried the Slingers’ Management in a Facebook Chat on the possibility of Slingers changing their imports should the going gets tough. The General Manager, Mr Michael Johnson, was of the opinion that “players are not commodity that could be replaced at will”. However, after enduring 6 straight losses, perhaps the Slingers Management are convinced that a change in imports would be beneficial.

While the official reason is that Donald Little is injured, we believe that a player with good camaraderie with the entire team would bodes better teamwork and team play for the Slingers.

We hope that this change would augur well for the Slingers, and hopefully turns out to be a masterstroke in the Slingers ailing campaign thus far.

Fans, this also shows that the team is listening to you and if you have any issues or want to raise up any points, please look for us at Facebook, “Slingers Nation” to raise your concern. 


4 thoughts on “Kyle Jeffers to Replace Donald Little for Remainder of ABL Season

  1. I can assure you and your readers that Donald Little’s release was not influenced by your postings.

    Although we listen to our fans on how we can further improve the ball club, our roster movement and changes are solely based on the management’s discretion on the merits of experience and expertise.

  2. Hi Jericho,

    Thank you for your comments.

    We would like to assure you that our blog is not claiming credit for Slingers’ changing imports mid-way through the season. However, we are suggesting that such a occurrence could be due partially to fans’ power.

    We are not taking away any credit from you for the change in imports,

    Peace Out.

    – #1 slingerfan owner

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