Rot Continues…But Where’s the Remedy?

With a 6th consecutive loss confirmed, the Singapore Slingers are facing a problem never faced before in their short 3-years presence in the ASEAN Basketball League: How to get the WIN? Coach Neo seemed to be running out of ideas in his 2nd season in-charge of the Slingers, and at the same time, clueless as to how the imports should be used.

Having observed the Slingers in their 6 game losing streak, it seemed quite evidently that the imports are playing their own style of basketball and neglecting the locals totally. However, the locals have done well enough to carry the team when the imports are not performing, which had been frequent for 2012.

On 11 March 2012, Vaughn Canta had to suffer the agony of playing a ABL game without scoring a single point. A reader of this blog had praised the Guard for his basketball skills but every fans and spectators know this hard truth: You can be a master in basketball, but if you do not get points for the teams, you lose the game.

Look further back, and in the home game against the Patriots, Donald Little missed so many free throws that if he could convert half of those, the Slingers would had been home and dry from the game. Instead, Little would miss more than he convert and the Slingers would find themselves on the wrong end of a scoreline, something not alien to them this season.

And who can forget Lou G managing to convert only 2 of his jump-shots against the Saigon Heats at home? Had a few more of his 3-pointers and mid-range jumpshots went into the net, the Slingers would find themselves snapping a 4 game losing streak. However, the Slingers lost the game the moment Canta loses the ball with 1.2 seconds to spare, and the rot continues.

Donald Dulay cannot be spared either. While he recorded 16 points against the SMB in the 1st Quarter at home, he had, in more occasions than not, missed the targets.

What about Coach Neo, who seemed to have the enviable task of naming the 4 imports and either Desmond Oh or Wong Wei Long in the starting line-up? With due respect, the team may function well if we play a foreigner to local ratio of 3:2, considering the players available. Else, what are the other players on the roster for? Make up the numbers?




We have Marcus Morrison available, instead, we have to settle for someone who misses free-throws and dunks?

If this continues, probably the Slingers will miss the Playoffs for the 1st time in 3 years of ABL.


2 thoughts on “Rot Continues…But Where’s the Remedy?

  1. Russ_D says:

    These are indeed very good observations on the team and I applaud your meticulous points on what went wrong the past 6 games. I must say myself; I’m already tired watching them lose. Whilst I was cheering for my country team, I can’t help but point out as well what seems to be missing on the slingers backyard which would probably shed some light on the points raised.

    While imports have made huge mistakes during the past 6 games, I think it is not fair to them not to account the times that they brought Singapore on the top of the boards earlier this season. During the times that they are the best of the league, they seem to have all the praises but now what we do is to nitpick on the outer layer and not looking at the root cause. True, nailing shots from charity line and avoiding turnovers could have made the difference but that isn’t what basketball is all about.
    And blaming it on not converting the three-point attempts is wide of the mark. Even in NBA history, the highest 3-point percentage is only about 47-48% so saying that converting all 3-point attempts is humanly impossible.

    You are right though that the team has to work as a TEAM for them to win the next games and find themselves in the play-offs run again. And by that I mean that the team should have “plays” that can display the competency of the other team members. Sad to say that 1) the team plays evolved on inside plays by the big man if not 2) they rely on setting up their 3-point shots with the locals. And now you wonder why Little is getting all the charity shots? That’s because most of the plays are aimed to him. Driving to the basket and shots in the painted area seem to be a gray area. Note that winning teams in pro basketball rarely win because of 3-point shots but because of field goals and strong defense. Hence, I think it should be the coaching team putting up plays that rotate the players and get them into gunning these shots. Note that locals will only call the shots when they’re team play dictates that they should – AGAIN player don’t always call the shots.

    Second, the team is very weak in breaking full court presses. This is where most of the turnovers are coming from, the guards need help on bringing the ball to the strong side and setting up a good press breaks will definitely help.

    The big guys use to be very good in rebounding. The latest games show how lazy they’ve become and missed a lot of possible follow-up shots and even missing out defensive rebounds. But then again, while rebounding is the “BIG MAN’s” job, everybody from the team should help out in the ball recovery.

    And last, there seems to be problem with defensive recovery. For one successful (or shall I say entertaining) shot, players seems to dwell so long on it and that when they recover for defense, the other team has already converted the opportunity into points.

    I think I said so much to even call this MY TWO CENTS WORTH 

  2. Russ_D says:

    I hope that you’ll not take my post negatively as I have read your past reviews as well and I find them very informative. I’m not a big fan of Slingers either but basketball has and always been a great interest of mine 🙂

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