Be inspired, Slingers: If Jeremy Lin can do it, so can you!

No one thought an Asian guard could ever make it in the NBA, the top professional league in the world. But here he comes, Jeremy Lin out of Harvard with 3 consecutive 20-point nights, and leading New York Knicks to 3 consecutive wins!

The 1st versus the Nets:

The 2nd versus the Jazz:

The 3rd versus John Wall’s Wizards:

5 days ago, he was a nobody. But right now, he has become a sensation, the talk of the basketball world, and even the talk of the town.

Well, there’s really much to learn from his guy. He’s humble. He made used of the opportunity. He believed that nothing was impossible. And here he is, starting for the New York Knicks and leading the team to new heights.

If you are wondering how this even relates to the Slingers, here it is: Jeremy Lin was an underdog, just like the Slingers in the ABL, a league in a region dominated by Filipino basketball supremacy. No one will ever think of Singapore defeating the Philippines in the basketball. No one would ever think the Slingers could be the champs. But no one thought J-lin would make it either.

Here’s the take-away: Never assume. And history…is history. Whatever past glories are past! The Singapore Slingers face a tall task on Sunday against the Philippines Patriots, who is currently the top team in the ABL, and a team that has won one championship. It would be an important game for the Slingers. In fact, it would be a pivotal one. Defeat the Patriots on Sunday, and climb to the top of the league once again. Lose and drop to 3 losses.

A win would certainly be big! Because it will send another signal to the league that the Slingers mean business. And before the game, no one knows for sure whether the powerhouse or the underdog would win.

I would say, Slingers, go for the W! Climb up to the top of the table. Then, go for the ABL championship! 🙂

Well, if Jeremy Lin can do it, so can you!

Let’s go, Slingers, Let’s go!


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