Just for laughs (or what some others are saying about the Slingers on facebook)

I thought I will just share some of the comments I have received for my article on my take on import changes in the ABL.

I got some pretty nasty comments (which I thought took it a little bit too personally – and seriously) from supporters of the San Miguel Beermen thinking I was “attacking” their team in my blog post. To be affront, I have nothing against the San Miguel team. I’m cool with them. Nothing against the players or management or whatsoever. Well, in fact, kudos to the San Miguel management team. Thanks for donating to the team an autograph jersey and partnering in the Slingers’ charity cause! It’s a really nice gesture!

Well, these fans (not all) just probably weren’t aware that I was describing a situation in ABL more than anything else – having mentioned a few other teams other than the Beermen. Well, I haven’t got any negative comments from other teams though since I’ve written the article, so I’m really wondering what’s going on here…

Well, let’s see what we got here:

Jordan Cruz to the Singapore Slingers:

haha! that’s why u wont win a championship in this league! your coaches are so immature to stick to imports that don not bring anything good to your team.

no wonder why a lot of filipino basketball fans hate slingers team. ive read a lot of comments in FIBA site about their arrogance. Geez! IF (that’s a big if) ever u win an ABL championship, its not because u didnt replace ur imports but because they played well

Gian Floresca:

haha! SLINGERS !!! THE NEW!!! SOUTH EAST ASIA’S weeping boys!

BITTER OVER aVENIDO’S departure i guess???

Jordan Cruz again:

haha! ur right Gian, The neeew weeping boys of South East asia, The Slingers !!!!! hahahaha

Ivan Floresca:

haha…. kidstuff by the SLINGERS…they probably been playin too much of ANGRY BIRD!!

Dito Na Budoy:

singapore slingers relies too much on imports ahahahahaahaha

That last from Jordan Cruz:

its normal for fans of sanmiguel to react that way…

These are just some of the nasty comments, which I really don’t have much more to say. Only that, that’s a lot of hate on our team here: “Slingers coaches are immature”, “Slingers are the weeping boys of Southeast Asia”, “kidstuff by the Slingers”, and this one outright, “a lot of Filipino fans hate the Slingers team”. And all these were coming from not one but a few San Miguel fans!

Well, to be fair, some give quite good reasons for import changes, and I can accept that people don’t take my opinions. It’s fine. Everyone is entitled to theirs. But still….what????

This sure is some REAL hostility towards the Slingers, from my point of view!  “Its normal for fans of sanmiguel to react that way?” I sure hope not! Because I know many of them don’t.

Well…Slingers fans, if you must, have a good laugh over this:)

But I’m sure not laughing the way some people are dissing the Slingers team…

It just gets me all fired up for the Slingers to play the Patriots on our homeground come Sunday!

Peaceout! ❤


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