Opening Day Loss for Slingers on a Historic Afternoon for ABL

On an afternoon where the ABL saw the youngest ever player feature for any team in its 3-years history, the Singapore Slingers suffered their first defeat in an opening game in the ABL. The Indonesia Warriors were never in danger of losing the game and enjoyed a healthy double digit lead throughout the game.

The Singapore Slingers started this match as slight favourites, boasting a complete overhaul of their 4 imports. Donald Little, Louis Graham, Vaughn Canta and Don Dulay were touted as the players to look out for, but their overall performance would had fans wondering if they were watching a pre-season friendly. The Indonesia Warriors meanwhile, feature Mario Wuysang, Rony Gunawan and new imports, Jonathan Smith and ex-Patriots, Steven Thomas.

Despite winning the tip-off, the Slingers were wasteful in their attempts and very soon, found themselves 13-3 down to the Warriors. The Slingers were restricted to 3-point shots and Th0mas bossed the paint area with authority. Moreover, the Slingers could not seem to gather any momentum from the game and after enjoying a brief spell, would return the “20 points” buffer to the Warriors. As though indicating a lost cause, Coach Neo played with an ‘all-local’ roster in the final minutes, introducing Delvin Goh into the fray, and at the same time, breaking an ABL record of fielding the youngest ever player in the League’s 3 year history.

Slingers went on to lose the game 79-59. Louis Graham and Mario Wuysang top-scored the game with 23 points each, with Donald Little (14 points) and Pathman (7 points) following way behind.

Post game, we spoke to Donald Little on his performance and he evaded the question by replying: I think the Indonesians had a great game. Whatever they threw, it counts. Whatever we threw, it rebounded out. When reminded about the slam dunk missed, Little told us that was ‘what I (he) meant’. When asked about the difference playing for Patriots and Slingers, the Centre gave a politically correct answer by saying that “I am here to play basketball, does not matter which team I play for”.

Don Dulay, in his first game for Slingers, admitted that the Slingers played poorly in the 1st half but showed more aggression in the 2nd half. When asked if the Sta Cruz incident (see below) was the catalyst behind the Indonesian’s strong showing, Dulay replied: I personally know him (Sta Cruz) and he would not make a difference whether he played a not. I guess, the defence was gone in the 1st half that caused us the loss. Dulay also revealed Coach Neo had asked the players to ‘attack’ as they were down by 20 points and had nothing to lose.

We certainly that the Slingers would pick up after this devastating loss and come back strongly against the Thailand Slammers on Wednesday. Anything more than a loss, could see the Slingers consider the position of some players, particularly the imports, who had were overshadowed by some local players this afternoon.

Despite the best efforts of the local cagers, the Slingers fell 79-59 to the Indonesia Warriors on the opening day of ABL.

The “Sta Cruz Incident

With over 3 minutes to play in the 1st half, Indonesia Warriors did a substitute with Sta Cruz entering the fray in a No.12 jersey. However, the team sheet had indicated very clearly that Sta Cruz was wearing No.13 jersey and was denied entrance by the 3 Umpires. A brief fracas between Umpire and the Warriors’ bench ensued. Sta Cruz was then not allowed to play unless he wears a No.13 jersey.


2 thoughts on “Opening Day Loss for Slingers on a Historic Afternoon for ABL

  1. Correction:
    *The Indonesia Warriors can be referred to as either ‘Indonesia Warriors’ or ‘Warriors’ but not ‘Indonesian Warriors’.

    *The Singapore Slingers Imports names are Donald Little, Louis Graham, Vaughn (Christopher) Canta, and Donald (aka Don) Dulay.

    This is to inform the owner of the blog ‘’ to IMMEDIATELY CEASE and DESIST from using the name ‘Singapore Slingers’, registered and trademarked under Basketball Enterprises Pte. Ltd., as seen in your blog’s name – singaporeslingersblog. This leads the public to believe that this particular blog is owned, supported, endorsed, and/or recommended by the Singapore Slingers.

    For more information, you may contact Jericho Ilagan at

  2. Dear Mr Ilagan,

    We refer to your comments, as per in this blog, and wished to clarify a few things:

    a) We thank you for your pointing out to our mistakes and had rectified the errors that were first posted up on this blog;

    b) We noted your request to cease operation of this blog either as a concerned individual, or on behalf of the Singapore Slingers and/or Atleta and/or Basketball Association of Singapore. While we understand your impending concern, we would also wish to highlight to you that this blog was in operations since 2009, where the Slingers first started playing in the inaugural season of the ASEAN Basketball League. Apparently, at that point in time, we were still unaware of your presence, and perhaps you were unaware of this blog’s presence.

    Nevertheless, you may wish to note that we had previously, in 2009, obtained the permission of Ms Michelle Johnson, to use the Singapore Slingers’ logo on our blog page. You may also wish to note that this blog,, is known to the management of the Singapore Slingers. In fact, Mr Michael Johnson had read some articles from this blog in 2010, and like you, had corrected some facts on this blog to better reflect the actual happenings.

    We were also the blog that carried the news of the cancellation of the Singapore Slingers vs San Miguel Beermen friendly in 2010, after speaking with Mr Michael Johnson. All these happened while you were still not actively engaging with Singapore Slingers and/or the cyberspace constraint.

    We would also wish to bring you further to the “Slingers Fan Club” initiative that was jointly mooted by the Slingers and the co-owner of the blog. On the promotional materials, our blog page was actually used to direct fans who wants to collectively support the Singapore Slingers to liaise with us.

    Further, we would like to inform that Ms Michelle Johnson had also forwarded us some promotional materials for us to upload onto our blog to further spread the news of Singapore Slingers and bring forth more interest to the 1st professional basketball team in Singapore.

    The owners of the blog were also interviewed on Channel 5’s SG Sports program for this blog and it was publicized as a ‘fan’s initiative’, rather than a Slingers’ initiative.

    Thus, your abrupt request for us to IMMEDIATELY shut down this website seemed to stem from some ‘trigger’ points, which we would be please to assist you with. In addition to that, we would also like you to note that this blog is known by fans in ABL as a ‘fans blog’.

    We believe your stern request and ‘threats’ made would only prevent fans from wanting to go a further step forward to show their support of their club. Contrary to your assertions, we wish to state that fans who stumble or log into this webpage would know about this blog as a fan’s page. Perhaps, this blog is run so professionally that it gives you the perception that it could be ASSUMED to be run by the Slingers, or affiliated to it.

    You may wish to know that this blog had not earned a single cents for its owner since its integration and is used primarily to update fans, within and outside of Singapore, the progress and development of Singapore Slingers. In addition, this blog is well-known among ABL fans to give a view from the fan’s perspective.

    After a collective discussions between the owners of this blog, we would not be shutting down this website as of current period, as the Singapore Slingers Management had known of this blog page since Day 1 of the ABL. You may wish to contact us at to further discuss this matter with us, or let us know of your immediate concern.

    In the meanwhile, all our rights towards this matter are expressively reserved.

    Yours sincerely,

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