Kyle Jeffers returns to the Lion City…now as a Slinger LOCAL???

The recent signing of 16-year-old Unity Secondary School player, Delvin Goh, has been great news for the Slingers organisation and for the fans. The news was big enough to be covered on the frontpage of the local newspaper – the Straits Times.

But what to me is even more crazy news is hinted on the photo of Delvin published by the Straits Times sports section.

Let’s take a good hard look at it:

Delvin Goh....and who have we got in the background?

Well, there are a couple of leaks we gathered from this photo alone. First, we see Delvin in the front ground and guarded by a new local face. His name is Ow Yu Jie, whom we suspect would be filling one of the two remaining local spots. Considering Delvin is 2.03 metres tall, and judging from the photo, the likely rookie Yu Jie is at least 1.95-2.00 metres tall as well.

And then, we have, obviously, new Slinger import – Louis Graham – running the break/ getting back on defense in the foreground.

But what is really amusing is the background of the photo.

We have two shady figures, which don’t look like locals. The guy on the left is our new import centre, Donald Little. And the guy on the right seems strangely familiar, doesn’t he?

We know that Donald Little is 6’11 and the guy beside him isn’t exactly much shorter.

When I came to terms with what I saw, I went “KJ!”

KYLE JEFFERS……..He’s back!

Having watched the ABL for the past two years, I can recognise that silhouette almost instanteously.

Wait a minute? Didn’t the Slingers sign Donald Little and Louis Graham as their two international imports?

What then is KJ doing here in a Slinger practice uniform?


Nothing is official, but here’s my guess.

In the last 2 years, Singapore has been absorbing loads of international expats. And could it be that Kyle Jeffers is one of them…meaning KJ is now a Singaporean? And he’s playing for the Slingers, no longer as an import, but as a local player?

Which means, we have Donald Little and Kyle Jeffers at the bigs and Louis Graham at the small forward, forming literally the best ever front court in the ABL?

That’s absolutely crazy news for Slinger fans. This would be the best news for the organisation…ever!

We can only wait and see.

-photo from the Straits Times (ST Photo: NURIA LING) –


3 thoughts on “Kyle Jeffers returns to the Lion City…now as a Slinger LOCAL???

  1. k3ttch says:

    That’d be a little unfair, wouldn’t it? I mean, the league restricts the entry of players born with one ASEAN parent (but who qualify as full-fledged NATURAL BORN citizens of their ASEAN parent’s country)– according to league rules, they don’t qualify as locals, but are instead categorized as the single “half-ASEAN” player each team is entitled to.

    But hey, good for the Slingers if they can pull it off. Oh, and Kyle? Say hi to Marcus Douthit.

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