Steven “Yakuza” Khoo, along with Leo and Captain Kyle, on Mag Cover

Usually, it’s the Flyboy who gets his face on advertisements. But with WeiJian out for his season, it is great seeing the “Yakuza” appearing on this one. At least there is a local face of the Slingers this time round.

The Finder magazine….no idea how to get it…but that’s not the point.

Nice flexing of biceps, Steve. That’s a statement of local basketball man!

Steven Khoo, one of the contenders for most improved Slinger this season, has really stepped up his game, in the absence of WeiJian. He has increased his range, improved his outside shot and dribbling. His scoring and rebounding numbers have also been up from last season. Looks like those hours in the gym didn’t go to waste. The muscles are evident of the hardwork he put in.

Want a better look?

I reckon that is a Yakuza pose. It just lacks a Dragon tattoo or something.



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