Apparent Disharmony the Reason for Brunei’s Local Walkout

It had been reported that the locals in Brunei Barracudas had left the club. Being one of the smallest teams in the ABL, the Barracudas had always played with all 5 imports in their starting 5. With the departure of the locals, it would mean that the team would not be conforming to the requirements of the ABL. The rule states that a team can have 2 non-ASEAN imports, 2 ASEAN imports and 1 import who have 1 parent who is from ASEAN country.

The latest that we had gotten from an unknown source is that the departure of the local players was due to dressing room disharmony with one of the imports in the team. The locals were apparently unhappy with Chris Commons and therefore, after some consideration, decides to leave the club.

It remains to be seen if the Slingers would be able to play the Barracudas in the former’s last home game of the season on 9 January 2011. If the Barracudas are expel from the League, then how it would affect the team’s standings would be a question as teams like Patriots had suffered defeat to the Brunei franchise.

This is not the first time that a team in the ABL is embroiled with trouble. Last season, we highlighted the plight of Thailand Tigers’ and how the players were not paid. Although it caused many an eyebrow to frown, we would not be stepping down in our bid to ensure that the ABL promotes bonding and sportsmanship among nation. News of such nature should be highlighted and dealt with appropiately. The ball had been thrown into the court of Kuhan Foo, and it remains to be seen how he and his organization deals with this problem.

We will update you on more of the situation as the news comes in.

Disclaimer: This article is not endorsed by Singapore Slingers, its owners and/or its subsidiaries. The article is written based solely on information that we had got through correspondences with people who may seemed to be of trusted origins. Please contact the writer at should you have any clarifications. Thank you.


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