Singapore Slingers vs Satria Muda Britama (14 December 2010) @ SIS, Tip-off: 8pm

The Singapore Indoor Stadium welcomes another challenger tonight (14 December 2010) in the form of Satria Muda Britama from Indonesia in the ASEAN Basketball League (ABL) regular season game. This will be the 3rd time both teams cross sword, with honours even after the last 2 encounters.

A win for the Slingers would see them rise up to the ladders and gain home court advantage in the Playoffs whilst the Indonesian-based team needs a win to qualify for the Playoffs. Marcus Morrison will lead the team once again but will face resilience in the form of  Al-Vergara and Leo Avenido. Al-V would be hoping to use this game to find back the form that had deserted over the past few games whilst it remains a mystery as to Skinner (who have very good games against SM) or Leo or the both of them would be on fire tonight.

Desmond Oh, scoring 11 points in the last home game, would be hoping to maintain his streak and the writer had already challenged him to get 20 points tonight, in front of the home crowd. Steven Khoo, Wong Wei Long and Ng Han Bin would be expected to play a significant part in tonight’s game as well, with Wong probably staring at more minutes.

After the last game disappointment which culminated in a loss, the Slingers are poised to bounce back with a ‘W’ tonight. So wait no further, join the Slingers and cheer for your very own Singapore representative in the ABL.

*Tickets can be bought from SISTIC or Michelle at the Singapore Indoor Stadium on game day. Want subsidized tickets? Buy a Slingers Fan Club T-Shirt now, wear it on match days and purchase gallery tickets at $6 (inclusive of SISTIC ticketing charges) for ALL Slingers home games in the ABL Regular Season and Playoffs for this season and next season. To purchase, you can either send a email to with your name and contact number or simply go down to the merchandising booth on game days*


2 thoughts on “Singapore Slingers vs Satria Muda Britama (14 December 2010) @ SIS, Tip-off: 8pm

  1. Thomas Luy says:

    “A win for the Slingers would see them rise up to the ladders and gain home court advantage…”

    The Slingers, currently at 5-5 needs to be in the top 2 to gain home court advantage in the semis and be #1 to gain home court throughout the playoffs. A win tonight does not guarantee them home court advantage. (Slinggerbloggers: We were implying that they would be in a shout for home court advantage. We have watched ABL last season to know the format well =) )

    “Wong staring at more minutes…”
    How many minutes has Wong played in past 10 games? (Slinggerbloggers: If he played only 5 minutes, and possibly playing more in the next few games, would not that be staring at more minutes?)

    Poor effort on the Singapore Slingers with this blog. (Well, we are not a professional blog with so many writers and as such, are doing things on our best efforts. Do let us know if you have a blog so that we could take a leaf out of you ‘good effort =) )

  2. In response to a comment made, we were commenting that if the Slingers win, it would mean that they would rise up the standings, and be with a shout for home court advantage in the playoffs.

    As for Wong Wei Long, he had not been playing much, thus no questions for us to write that “WWL would be staring at more minutes”.


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