Joke of the Week by ‘Leo’ and ‘Skin’

‘Leo’ and ‘Skin’ – as we know them – interestingly has took turns to lead the Slingers in scoring. Initially it was Leo who caught fire, while Skinner was cold. Then, in the last few games it was the opposite – Leo was no more “lucky” and Skinner carried the team on his shoulders. In terms of position, Leo is a guard and Skinner is a forward, duh.

The point is, these 2 guys on the Slingers squad are like polar opposites. They choose to outshine each other at different times. They are always competing to see who’s better at something. Well, both imports have once completed to lead the team this season. Once we thought Leo was better, now we are wondering….hmm…Skinner might be better? They will both continue to keep us wondering till the end of this season.

They have also competed to see who has a better body:

Now they are competing in a whole different category. A rather interesting one, in fact.

See how they squabber on facebook over this picture!

Leo: Now I look skinny.

Skin: Me too. (Marcus, not wanting to lose out on the “who is skinnier category?”)

Leo: No. You are Skinner. Haha.


Good one, Leo. In this one, you won! You pwned.

-Photo credits to Neo Yingqi-


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