Breaking News: Leo Avenido signs with Slingers to form formidable Filipino backcourt

Once Rivals, now Teammates!

Slinger fans, help has finally arrived!

“Filipino point guard Leo Avenido has traded in his blue jersey for a red one after signing with the Singapore Slingers” reads a Brunei Sports website.

Arguably the best ASEAN player in the ABL, Leo Avenido averaged 16.1 points, an impressive 6.7 rebounds and 2.9 assists for the Barracudas last season. He was also the first ASEAN player to record a double-double in the league. His recorded career high of 30 points when he played against the Slingers on 20 January earlier this year.

As the top scorer for the Barracudas, Leo would provide the Slingers another deadly scoring option. Despite him being only at 6’2, he is also an excellent rebounder. As the Slingers look to him to chase down hustle rebounds, they would also expect Leo’s work ethic and intensity to influence the players around him.

Instead of playing the  point, Leo is likely to start at the shooting guard spot alongside Al Vergara, to form a formidable Filipino backcourt for the Slingers. As a versatile player, the Slingers have the option to switch Leo to the point guard position while Al takes a breather on the bench.

The Slingers have also re-signed sharp-shooting point guard Wong Wei Long and “Flyboy” Hong Wei Jian. Wei Jian would probably not feature in the first half of the season as he is still recovering from his knee injury.


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