OFFICIAL: Al-Vergara To Play for Slingers

Al V

Al-Vergara would be in the Slingers’ roster for the 2010/11 ABL Season after we receive word from a source close to us on the imports that the Slingers had signed. Al-V, as he is known by the fans, was the ‘back-bone’ of the team during the Slingers amazing debut in the ABL – finishing 2nd.

However, an injury sustained mid-way through the season threatened to hamper his contribution to the team, with the team struggling without his presence.

With 3 imports being confirmed, we have news that the Slingers had already signed one more import – identity withheld.

If you wish to know who that 4th import is, catch the game at the Singapore Indoor Stadium on 5th September 2010 featuring the Singapore Slingers vs Rain or Shine of the PBA. Tickets are available from SISTIC and is priced at $8 – $18 (excluding SISTIC booking fees).

-Photo by KP


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