Let’s back the Thailand Tigers Victims! Players owed salary up till today

We are players and coaches of the Thailand Tigers all together 12: Thai, Filipino, American all with one thing in common. We were not paid our salaries by our dishonest owner Wim Reijnen. With no help from the ABL we ask you to join us.

…reads the wall of the a newly created facebook page, the Thailand Tigers Victims.

It has been almost 5 months since the Tigers played their last ABL game, but right until now, nothing has been done by the ABL to make sure the Tigers players get paid for their season.

Apparently, the key player in this whole saga is Mr Wim Reijnen, the president of the club himself.

The wall of the facebook page further reads:

It is terrible that Mr. Reijnen can come from Holland to Thailand break the laws of the country. Cheat Thai players. He has no respect for Thailand! How can we let this happen? It is time someone brought an investigation into all of Mr. Reijnens’ businesses if he can do this with 1st year basketball organization, who …knows what he is doing in his other businesses.

What was happening? Here’s what the Thailand Tigers Victims say:

1) Wim Reijnen “made false allegations against the American coach and fired him without cause as a way to save money. The coach came from America worked everyday for 3 months traveled with the team only to be fired and sent back to the U.S. with no money.”

2) Wim Reijnen “also threatened the Thai players to accept less than one week pay for 3 months work at the end of the season.”

3) Wim Reijnen put all his foreign players and coach at risk of arrest and deportation because he didn’t want to spend the money to get work permits. The foreign players were playing the whole season on tourist visas and not proper work permits. That is a violation of the work laws of Thailand. He made the foreign players travel to Cambodia at their own expense to obtain a 14 day extension of their tourist visas.

4) Wim Reijnen is now suing the ABL for money (because he lost money setting up the team?)

5) Wim Reijnen has yet to stand up to refute these claims and the world is waiting.

Here’s what we can do.

This site offers you a platform to get justice done or to bring the entire matter to light. To help the Thailand Tigers Victims, enter a comment below as a sign of support!

You may also join the page of the Thailand Tigers Victims on facebook.


6 thoughts on “Let’s back the Thailand Tigers Victims! Players owed salary up till today

  1. AStre says:

    Will there be pro ball in BBK coming season?
    Will there be a second ABL season at all?
    aseanbasketballleague.com hasn’t seen an update since mid march.

    Great blog, thank 4 the work and effort u put into this.


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  4. Tigerplayer15 says:

    Thanks to all the supporters of the Thailand Tigers Victims. Wim Reijnen and the ABL has successfully campaigned to have our page closed for the second time. But we will continues to speak out until all of the players have been paid. Every claim we have made has been 100% true. We challenge anyone to bring any evidence to the contrary. This page wouldn’t exist if everyone has been paid. What purpose would the page serve otherwise? Please join us on facebook at Thailand Tigers Victims before the silence us again!
    – Thailand Tigers Victims

    • My guess for AStre’s question above is that either the ABL will take over the Thailand Tigers, maybe start over with new name or maybe keep it. Thailand may not have a team for a year who knows, maybe not for several years. Who will come up the money to build this team and get some fans, virtually no Bangkokians have ever heard of the Tigers. The ABL may try to find a new owner and new coaching staff, if so, maybe some of the players will also stay?

      Whatever the ABL and Mr. Foo do, and I hope Mr. Foo and ABL officials are reading this, allowing Wim Reijnen to have anything to do with the Thai or any other franchise throughout Asean would be the kiss of death to that team and black eye on the ABL as a whole.

      The Tigers players in this equation should not be blamed for simply seeking payment for their athletic presence and performance, they completed their end of the legal agreement. But some players may not be allowed back because of speaking out–something perfectly logical and legal like any employee would do if the employer did not pay for services rendered. Mr. Wim Reijnen should be released from his duties immediately if he has not been already, he should no longer have any say in anything related to the Thailand franchise. IF the Thailand team goes away, which it may thanks to an amazingly incompetent, short sighted and unprofessional Reijnen,
      then this will forever be part of his legacy, and hopefully a distant bad dream as the ABL hopefully moves forward year after year and adds additional teams.

  5. Tigerplayer15 says:

    After all the promises all the feigned concern. Here we August 16, 2010 with no payment from the ABL for our salaries. We are begining to believe that the ABL is in partnership with Wim Reijnen. They are more concerned with protecting him from slander than paying the players who are owed money. We have tried to avoid this but we are beginning to believe a class action suit against Wim Reijnen and the ABL are going to be the only way to recover our due salaries. Despite all of the talk it is becoming clearly evident that the ABL does not care about the players and coaches of the Thailand Tigers. They are just trying to protect their image and hope that eventually if they delay long enough we will give up. It is a very unfortunate situation and huge embarrasssment for the region.

    Tigerplayer 15

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