New Slinger import arrived on shore?

For the last few months, Slingerfans have been left guessing who’s gonna remain and who’s gonna go from the team. There have been speculations that Kyle Jeffers a.k.a KJ would be back for another season with the team he has captained. There are confirmations that Marcus Ng won’t be back as he has to go back to Adelaide for his medical studies.

On the locals’ side, Hong Wei Jian a.k.a The Flyboy is still nursing his injury, alongside teammates Prasad Sadasivan and Lim Wai Sian a.k.a Lao Lao.

Well, Slingerfans, I’ve got a nice piece of news for all of ya.

Yesterday, at Paya Lebar, a European basketball player of probably 6’9 or 6’10 was spotted outside a condominium. Boy, he was tall! He was also wearing a Slingers’ jersey shorts and a T-shirt.

Well, in Sunny Isle Singapore, people of that height don’t grow on trees. So, it is unlikely that dude is a mere Slinger fan in a Slinger jersey.

According to Slingers’ GM Michael Johnson, the Slingers were scouting for a versatile and lanky shooter from Europe, instead of going traditionally to the US for imports. With that piece of information in mind, the European basketball player spotted could well  probably be the new import for the Singapore Slingers. We’ve just got to wait and see.

If so, that means, congratulations Slingerfans! We would be in for a good treat.


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