Why I think the ABL is EXTREMELY unprofessional

The ABL may be the first professional basketball league in Southeast Asia, but the inaugural season of the ABL has definitely exposed multiple inadequancies of the league as being professional. A good sports league may be a region’s pride, but if it is badly done, it is to the region’s shame.

As a member of ASEAN, I can’t help but comment that it is a utter shame if its basketball league serves to bring up the flaws of the region rather than boost the popularity of the region instead. The league deserves appraisal if it has done well. Though it is certainly true that the league has done well in certain aspects, nevertheless, this league has failed terribly in many as well.

Here, I bring to light one of the aspects I think the ABL needs to correct if it wants to survive as a respectable basketball league in the region:


As if corruption in this region is not already known to the rest of the world, why bring corruption to this league as well?

Last month, this blog has posted actual news about how the Thailand Tigers’ players have not been paid by their team. We were notified last month that the CEO of ABL, Mr Kuhar, would be visiting Thailand on Tuesday, 16 February 2010, to rectify the matter and investigate on what had went wrong for all parties involved. But what has been done so far since then?

Here is a recent quote from the Thailand Tigers’ head coach:

It is not only these two players (Darongpan and Darunpong) that have not been paid. The American imports, the Filipino imports as well as the American coach have not been paid too. Before the end of the season there was discussion of us not completing the season but the owner personally guaranteed us our salaries. As soon as the season ended he changed his tune and informed us that he had no intention to fulfill our contracts. The ABL has done nothing in our behalf to assist us in getting our money even though they are aware of the situation. We are the only team in the entire league where the players have not been paid. Please help us in getting our salaries by bringing attention to this situation. it is not fair!!

If what he says is true, I share similar sentiments as him that it is NOT FAIR. I’m bringing out this situation as a favour for the Thailand Tigers team who has been unjustly treated.

Of course, this relates to only one team, but it is a team belonging to the ABL. So far, what has the league done so far to correct the matter? This matter certainly is dead serious. This involves the league reputation. But why no clarification till now? If what the Thailand Tigers players and coach said is not true, shouldn’t the league be stepping up and clarifying the issue, and ruling it out as false, so as not to tarnish the league’s reputation?

Otherwise, I sincerely hope that the new teams and players wouldn’t walk into the trap of joining this league (I’m saying this for the players good).

Imagine an American import flying down from America, playing for almost 5 months, and NOT getting paid as he should! This is totally unjustified!

No one should be playing for a league like this.

Basketball players, if you are considering signing with the ABL, please reconsider your decision carefully, knowing that this is happening.

Dear ABL, if you would care even a bit about your reputation, please, for God’s sake, do something about it! Speak up! Clarify the matter! If you are not concerned about the league’s reputation, at least, I urge that the league not bring further shame to the region in telling the rest of the world that corruption is accepted in a “professional” basketball league in Southeast Asia.

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9 thoughts on “Why I think the ABL is EXTREMELY unprofessional

  1. HB says:

    Hmmm… unprofessional yes. But I won’t call that corruption. And an infant league like ABL struggling for survival will likely have very little muscle over league members who are all struggling for survival as well. I think maybe the owner of the Thailand Tigers was over optimistic over ticket sales and thus ran into financial crisis. Not justifying their unprofessional behaviour, but giving my two cents worth and hopefully another perspective.

    • Thanks Tigerplayer15 for shedding some light on this. And Dear HB, hmm, yes there is corruption if the owner of the Tigers team, Mr. Wim Reijnen mishandled his funds, it was his responsibility to satisfy all funding and payment requirements to his team. It turns out there was to be 2 owners of the Thailand team we learned through the ABL website and wikipedia, 1 was a respected Thai business man. We learned the Thai man quit before the season started because of Mr. Reijnen’s disrespectful, domineering and power hungry business style. He was apparently unaware of Thailand culture and subtleties involving patience, restraint, tact and most importantly, respect. All this despite the fact that Mr. Reijnen was living in Thailand more than 5 years.

      The ABL is made up of franchise teams, each team owner has to pay the ABL for the franchise, like the Mcdonald’s near you, the individual owner pays for that location. Likewise the ABL as a league owned by big business interests like AirAsia w/corporate giant sponsor GE, maker of everything from large electricity sucking refrigerators to nuclear power plants and owner of NBC television in USA…everyone’s reputation is on the line if any one team owner, team player, entire team, etc. gets in trouble. We all see the good and the potential in this new sports league, I echo previous statements that this matter needs to put to rest with public presence and statements by ABL officials. It is ultimately the ABL’s responsibility to fix any problems that may arise at any one team location, or franchise, and rescue it, buy it back, fix it at whatever cost, it’s their league, they own it. It’s the ABL who must step in if a franchise owner has a meltdown, breaches his contract can’t put together a viable business plan for the team, can’t operate within fiscal reality, or maintain or is challenged with maintaining professional composure at games, with players and staff, or the media. Mr. Wim Reijnen is the only owner out of 6 in the ABL who blatantly failed at his duties. You get an “F” Mr. Reijnen, it’s up the ABL now. Will check out FaceBook Tigerplayer155 and see you there!

  2. hero says:

    maybe the thailand tigers just couldnt afford and support the operations of their team. maybe they have underestimate the financial costs to maintain a professional team. this is an Asean Basketball League wherein teams will have road games and will be going to the homecourts/countries of the other teams. so its understood that maintaining a team in the ABL is different from maintaining and having a local or domestic professional basketball team.

  3. Tigerplayer15 says:

    Thank you very much for your comments! It took a lot of courage and as a fellow player I commend you. Unfortunately till this day May 14 2010 we have not been paid our salaries. We have gotten nothing but two months of excuses from the CEO Mr. Kuhan Foo. I take issue with the other comments suggesting the owner just underestimated the costs and the profitability of our team. The owner Wim Reinjen is a completely corrupt and dishonest businessman who has used deceptive and dishonest tactics from the very beginning. Like I said before the last game he came into the locker room and pleaded with us to play and gave his word that everyone would be compensated. When the season ended he sang a different tune and stated he felt he didn’t have to pay because our season was not succesful. The ABL has known about his deceptive and dishonest nature from the beginning but they have yet to intercede on our behalf. They knew that he never secured the proper work permits for the foreign players who were playing on tourist visas(which is illegal in Thailand) putting the foreign players at risk of arrest. They also knew he had a pattern of not paying on time. Both of the two previous payments were more than a month late. This has truly been a terrible situation from Thailand Tigers players and coaches! Like you stated in your post if what I and several of my teammates and coach us saying is untrue. Why hasn’t anyone from the ABL or the tigers refuted our claims? Like you stated any player thinking about signing with the Tigers or the ABL for that matter does so at there own peril.


    tigerplayer 15

  4. Tigerplayer15 says:

    At least the PBL pays it players what they are owed. Here we are June 17 and the ABL has not resolved the salaries for it’s players or it’s coaches from the Thailand Tigers. Yet they prepare for a second season. There is going to be a huge revolt if they try to begin play without settling the former players. This is truly a black eye for the region!!

  5. Tigerplayer 15 says:

    Everyone please go to our new page Victims of Wim Reijnen and the Thailand Tigers or add us on facebook “Thailand Tigers Victims”. You can type in this address tigerplayer155@yahoo.com on Facebook to get instant access and updates on our progress in our pursuit to be paid our salaries. Please join us.

    • Thank you Tigerplayer15 for your hard work and honesty! You and others may be interested in this conversation we had with Mr. Reijnen yesterday, Aug. 9, 2010 via Facebook. We have been wanting to hear Mr. Reijnen’s side of the story and contacted him professionally to begin some kind of dialogue again. Here’s the entire conversation! We did learn a few more things, like Mr. Foo of the ABL is acting as c0-owner of the Tigers and all claims should be directed to him and also Mr. Reijnen is planning or threatening a lawsuit against one or more of the “Tigerplayers”, also that Mr. Reijnen is not a very good reader of the english language and misquoted us or didn’t comprehend basic english words or sentences. This is NOT helping Mr. Reijnen, just pay your players and let’s all move on and spend more time with our families!

      On 08/09/10, tiger playah wrote:
      “I’d like to add you to my professional network on LinkedIn”
      – tiger playah

      On 08/09/10, Wim Reijnen wrote:
      “Hahaha. You must be kidding. So you can send more messages to my friends, relatives and associates full of LIES. F**K off wanker ;-)”

      On 08/09/10, tiger playah wrote:
      “I don’t know what lies you are talking about, however enjoy the rainy season,
      karma is a bitch”

      On 08/09/10, Wim Reijnen wrote:
      “Thanks so much. I’m not surprised you don’t know what you are talking about, as all messages I have seen you post and write show that. Sending anonymous messages via FB and other ways does not make you reliable or believable. But I know who you are, so regarding karma just wait for my lawyer to serve you. Have a nice day.”

      On 08/09/10, tiger playah wrote:
      It’s just good to hear from you finally. You disappeared and have been so on again off again,
      just nice to hear your thoughts. You seem to know everything as usual, can’t pull the wool over
      your eyes!

      Anyway, it seems you as Owner of the Thailand Tigers team are now threatening in your message below to sue players on own team? This, in addition to reports that you plan to sue the ABL itself? Wow, you are a piece of work! It’s a slippery slope you are heading down and you dont have popular, or social media support and those you work with are known like asia congress, pico world, entertainment asia or what you call yourself these days, GE, airasia, the ABL, on and on…it’s going to be a tough facing of reality for you Mr. Reijnen.

      At any rate, good to hear you have money to burn on legal fees, although history proves through many accounts and interactions that your word does not deliver actions and can not be believed. Just too bad you didn’t have money to hold up your end of legally binding contracts with the TIgers players, coaches, etc. Keep the comments coming Mr. Reijnen, will post them where applicable and forward them as needed, remember emails are admissible and legally binding in court so choose your words carefully and try to be professional for once…buck up, shut up or go home! Oh and if you want to walk your talk, and not be such a stranger, post any further comments you have directly to the Singapore blog:


      Your commentary has been sorely missed at this blog, the hub of information gathering and sharing on Mr. Wim Reijnen’s behaviour, history and uncertain future.
      Go Tigers!

      On 08/09/10, Wim Reijnen wrote:
      I do not respond to any anonymous messages (like these below again) and (dead) threats you made before, on Facebook or via email.
      You need to speak with Mr. Foo of the ABL (co owners of the Thailand Tigers) about any claims you think you have. Any baseless (and totally unrelated) claims you continue to make, which I referred to below including a false statement about my company suing the ABL and about my agreements with artists, will be taken serious.
      Good luck.
      Wim Reijnen

      On 08/09/10, tiger playah wrote:

      Wow, you learned the term “baseless” now we know you’re in trouble, preparing for your day in court? Cross your fingers maybe that will help?

      Confucius say “anger lives in the belly” could leave you with a bit of a problem, that said I’m not going to engage in a pissing contest with you Mr. Reijnen, let’s just say a multi-national group of your peers will be the ultimate judge of your character, past dealings and future success in any business matters. Time will tell, this is far from over, you will have no choice but to begin changing your ways.

      Doing what one says, saying what one will do, obviously not your priority or forte’. Truth telling and delivering with integrity, try try again. Don’t worry, Mr. Foo at ABL and all interested parties are well informed of all developments…keep talking Mr. Reijnen, you’re entertaining all of us around the cyberspace water cooler, you got more? Since you know who I am, then I guess this is not an anonymous message and you’ll have a fake reply that makes you feel better also your karma delivering lawyer will be by to see me anytime for a visit…if so, he will quickly realize his only karmic lesson will be when he tries to collect his legal fees from you…fyi, falong fee hike (ffh) in effect, can see your happy-ass coming a mile away. cha-ching

      (i was civil enough not to use the f word) didn’t you tell me to “F**K off wanker”
      in earlier message? for shame, just don’t go pissing in the wind big guy, wind might shift, might be some warm nasty blow back.

      ABL’s Mr. FooFooFakoo and CooCooCachoo, you are the Eggman.

  6. The Mouse says:

    I don’t think this is an ABL problem but more of a franchise problem.

    What the ABL can do is suspend the team for not paying

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