Follow-Up News: Thailand Tigers Not Paid for 3 Months

After the shocking news that a few members of the Thailand Tigers are not paid, more details are being sprouted out and we had managed to get the opinions from the players who are affected: #96 and #69: Darongpan and Darunpong “Poyzar” Apiromvilaichai.

From what we have learnt, the duo had signed with the Thailand Tigers a contract for 5 months which is valid from October 2009 – February 2010. Being promised a US$4285 per month contract, the Tigers paid Darongpan and his twin brother Darunpong the full amount for 2 months. However, they were only paid US$542 per month for the remaining 3 months – a difference of more than US$3000.

Apparently, apart from the duo, the Thai coach and his assistant were also only paid a paltry US$714 in the last 3 months, a far cry from what is being stated in the contract.

After this website had started to blast aloud about this news that the Thailand Tigers players are not paid, the owner of the Thailand Tigers, Mr Wim, rang up the duo and offered to pay about US$1028 to the duo – which is still less than half a month pay to the duo.

The good news is that the CEO of ABL, Mr Kuhar, would be visiting Thailand on Tuesday, 16 Febraury 2010, to rectify the matter and investigate on what had went wrong for all parties involved.

We at #1 Slingerfan blog would like to say something to the management of the Asean Basketball League:

To Whoever Who Is Handling This Case,

Please note that there are a few Thailand Tigers who had alleged that the team had not paid them their dues as stipulated in their contract.

Apparently, the players had only been paid a very small fraction of what is stated and there was minimum effort done by the team owner, a certain Mr Wim, in trying to solve this matter. Not only was he rude to the players involved, he had also tried to pay them a further US$1,028 just to make sure that the players do not voice this matter out to the various outlet. However, the amount that these players had received does not even constitute to a full month salary that was promised to them when they signed on the dotted line.

As the ABL seeks to establish a professional basketball platform for countries in ASEAN, and especially for the many fans that are supportive of their club, such an action from a team that is supposed to run professionally is totally unacceptable. It not only tarnished the reputation of the team in question, it had also left a very bad mark on the ABL – considering that it is only in its 1st year.

I hope that after doing your investigation, ABL could release a statement as to what had happened and what are the steps to ensure that players are being paid promptly, and as per what their contracts had denoted them to receive. It would also be vital for ABL to ensure that such a thing would not happen again – as it may deter talents (local or import) to want to join a franchise for fear of non-payment.

In the meanwhile, I believe that your prompt investigation on the Thailand Tigers incident would be deeply appreciated not only by the players, but also the fans and supporters of the ABL.

Thank you for your attention,

Author from

Let us await the reply from ABL, and we would post up for all to read once we get it.

We would like to leave you with this shout-out from Darunpong:

I don’t know how to say thank you very very much to ABL fans who love to watch the basketball like me.I’m impressived the fans stand beside me and my brother.

Cmon fans, shout out to the ABL and let them know that this is a serious matter!


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