Shocking News: Thailand Tigers’ Players Owed 3 Months Salary

Darongpan (2nd from left) claims that the Thailand Tigers owed him 3 months salary

Darongpan Apiromvilaichai may not be a name that you would often hear when you talk about Asean Basketball League, but the Thailand national player has been making the rounds on the Fans Pages of Facebook with regards to non-payment to him and his team-mates from the Thai Franchise team.

The crew at singaporeslingersblog decided to get a view from the player himself on an online chat:

Q: You wrote that you are being owed money by the Thailand Tigers. Is this true?

A: Yes. The Thailand Tigers owed us 3 months salary from December 2009 to February 2010. We signed a 5 months contract with the Thailand Tigers from October 2009 to February 2010. We finished our season on 24 January 2010 and I did not see him until yesterday (9 February 2010) and asked him about our pay. I also do not know how he can afford to pay the team although I heard that he was given 6 million bath to build the Thailand Tigers.

Q: Are you the only one who is being owed money by Thailand Tigers?

A: Apart from me, my brother Poy (Number 96), Thai Coach his name is Jo and Raha, our assistant coach is also owed money by the Tigers.

Darongpan had also stated that he hope that the owner of the team would be punished by the authorities in ABL or even by the state as “he is a foreigner but is cheating the Thai people”.

Of course, we would not pass off the opportunity to ask him on his view of Thailand Basketball and he wrote to us with this comments (non-edited):

“First time I think it is a good oppurtunity to play bas in occupation. Training everyday and have a chance to play with import players. But now it is worse coz he used basketball for business and used basketball that I love the most cheating me and my friends. And next year if he will be the manager, no good players want to play with him. and if it is possible,please change the owner or let him in jail(hahaha). I do love to play basketball so the money is not important for me. The feeling is very important.”

ABL, if you are reading this, please do something for the enstranged player and those who are affected. It would be good if you are able to do a thorough investigation on what had happened and not let this leave a blackmark on the League.  Non-payment is a very serious problem and it reflects very badly on the management and even the League.

To ALL fans out there, all basketball fans, let’s rally the ABL to do something to ensure that justice is done for the Tigers’ Players who are not being paid.

Darongpan Appreciates what slingerblogger did for him

ABL’s mid-season interview with Darongpan & Darunpong Apiromvilaichai:


9 thoughts on “Shocking News: Thailand Tigers’ Players Owed 3 Months Salary

  1. chuck donaldson says:

    I am also a player from the Thailand Tigers. This story is completely true. It is not only these two players that have not been paid. The American imports the Filipino imports as well as the American coach have not been paid. Before the end of the season there was discussion of us not completeing the season but the owner personally guaranteed us our salaries. As soon as the season ended he changed his tune and informed us that he had no intention to fulfill our contracts. The ABL has done nothing in our behalf to assist us in getting our money even though they are aware of the situation. We are the only team in the entire league where the players have not been paid. Please help us in getting our salaries by bringing attention to this situation. it is not fair!!

  2. John Henry says:

    In addition to this being completely true, the team and league have also resorted to scare tactics to discourage personnel from pursuing potential avenues of retribution. They have also spoken disrespectfully to some involed and have broken commitments and sent conflicting information to various parties to serve their own interests whenever need be. At times players have been told to keep quiet by the league stating that not doing so is a violation of their confidentiality clause, they have told other personnel they plan on not paying them at all because they honored the confidentiality clause and did not bring certain situations to light until after the season. They have threatened other personnel that by taking legal they may expose themselves since the league did not protect players’ interests. In other situations money meant for paying personnel simply disappered without any sort of reckoning. There is plenty of documentation to verify all of these claims that people were not paid, that the team ownership and league were dishonest in covering it up, and that the team and league disrespectfully corresponded with people they owed money to. Please continue to service the Thai basketball community by bringing to light these allegations.

  3. Astrex says:

    Any news on the situation of the Tigers? Will there be a 2nd season for them?

    Where can I find more information and news about the tigers?

    • Tigerplayer15 says:

      Hello well my friend it is July and we have still not been paid. Nobody from the ABL is helping us and CEO Kuhan Foo no longer tries to help. He is being sued by our corrupt owner. The whole league is a mess. We haven’t been paid our contracts for 8 months and they are talking about next season. There will be many of us ready to protest and disrupt any game in Thailand until we are paid!!! I wish somebody would help us we have families to take care of!

    • chuck donaldson says:

      Please add us on Facebook “Thailand Tigers Victims” we can give you all the information you need on the Thailand Tigers.

  4. I have some legal information for the victimized players and coaches as well as some new information on the owner of the Thailand Tigers, Mr. Wim Reijnen in regards to his other business
    misadventures that involve concert business, if anyone has contact info can email them or will post here later.

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